Alex Switzer
Product Design Manager

Perch Corporate Site Launch

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Project Context

Perch Loans is a new product Purpose Financial was looking to launch when I came on-board. I was tasked with working within a brand (provided by an outsourced marketing company) to complete the full corporate site and some portal pages.

My Role

I was the Lead Designer on this project and designed, QA'd and created a whole design system for the corporate site. My role also included reviewing the portal side of the site as well as creating and implementing a design system for that site. To accomplish these tasks I worked with multiple stakeholders (internally/externally) to provide UX/UI direction.




Based on interviews we set up personas. We referred to them throughout the entire product development process.


  • Since this was the launch of a new product it was essential to establish who we were designing for

  • To develop these personas we interviewed our storefront and call center employees who talk to our customers daily

  • It was important to incorporate the personas motivation for taking out a loan as well as their basic demographic information

Perch Wisconsin State Page

Perch Wisconsin State Page

UI Design

Working within the brand I started creating the high-fidelity mockups.


  • Perch presents as a fresh corporate design inspired by the target users

  • For this project I designed across all responsive web screens from mobile to desktop

Zeplin Integration with Figma Design System

The final step in this process was to implement and build out a design system in Figma that could be setup in Zeplin for Development to easily access and understand. As the Lead Designer I was tasked with learning Zeplin and designing our components in Figma. In Zeplin I created a Core Perch style guide that linked to two child style guides, for both the Corporate and Portal sites.