Alex Switzer
Product Design Manager

Corporate Site Redesign

Client: Advance America

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Project Context

For this project I was tasked with the longterm project of redesigning the Advance America corporate site UI/UX.

My Role

I was the Lead Designer on this project and designed, QA'd and created a whole design system for the corporate site. My role also included reviewing the portal side of the site as well as creating and implementing a design system for the whole site. To accomplish these tasks I worked with our internal Marketing Team as well as an external Development Team to provide UX/UI direction.

Advance America Corporate Site Redesign


Based on interviews we set up personas. We referred to them throughout the entire redesign process.


  • To understand our users I worked with other UX Designers to interview store employees and our customer service representatives to gather information and create personas

  • It was important for us to highlight the different types of customer we have since there is such a wide range that is tied directly to the customer motivation

  • The customer age range also helped us understand their comfort level with technology

User Geolocation Journey

A challenging piece of this redesign was incorporating geolocation across multiple pages on the corporate site. Due to this functionality being on various pages it was important to understand every different use case.


  • Journey mapping allowed me to guide the team in discuss all scenarios across our product pages, available loans page, state pages and find a store page

  • Since we do not offer loans in all states it was important to think though what the customer would see if Advance America was not live in their state

  • It was important for us to try and guide the customer through a simple and helpful journey, for example, if we did not offer loans in their state we wanted the customer to know they still may have options near them in a close by state

  • As a team we reviewed all of the use cases and continuously iterated upon the journey maps to make sure we were meeting customer needs as best as we could

State page geolocation user journey

State page geolocation user journey

Advance America Corporate Site Redesign

UI Design

Working within the brand I started creating the high-fidelity mockups.


  • For the UI Design of this project I was given a brand to work within but was responsible for:

    • Creating all new components

    • Thinking through content heirarchy

    • Incorporating the new branding on all pages

    • Cohesive design patterns for the whole site, including the portal site

    • Creating a Design System with linked components that could easily be moved over to Zeplin

  • For this project I designed across all responsive web screens from mobile to desktop

Advance America Corporate Site Redesign

Zeplin Integration with Figma Design System

The final step in this process was to implement and build out a design system in Figma that could be setup in Zeplin for the Development Team to easily access and understand. As the Lead Designer I was tasked with learning Zeplin and designing our components in Figma. In Zeplin I created a Core Advance America style guide that linked to two child style guides, for both the Corporate and Portal sites.